Code Blue for Clinics

AIA/FGI Guidelines for Outpatient Medical Clinics are now requiring UL1069 Listed Code Blue Signaling

Whether you are in a clinic, hospital, or day surgery with just a touch of a button you can call for assistance or initiate a code blue letting others know “emergency” help is needed in the room. Tech Works NC-Series provides everything you need. New guidelines include Day Surgery and Pre-Op/Post-Op Patient Care, as well as Chemo Therapy Infusion and Dialysis to have code blue signaling.

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Dome Lights
NC-DL-22-BW Blue/White or NC-DL-22-BR Blue/Red Dome Lights with 3 Levels of Call/Flash Rates
Staff Assist
Available in NC-CBAS Code Blue w/Staff Assist, NC-PCBS-1 Patient Bed Station w/Code Blue, or base Staff Assist
Cancel Station
Available in NC-VP-CBS Code Blue Kick or Bump for low mounting where they can’t use hands to place a call, and NC-CS Cancel Only Station

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