Communications for Prisons, Law Enforcement, Detention facilities, and more with full integration with Omron NX-Series CPUs for Vandal Proof Intercoms!


TechWorks provides communication technologies for Hospitals, Clinics, Clean Rooms, Mental Health facilities and more.


NC-Series FAQs

Dealer / A&E Resources

What is required to integrate pocket paging?

Use of a Tech Works IMR is required to enable pocket paging with your NC-Series Nurse Call System.


What type of facilities should I consider for NC Series Nurse Call?

  • Outpatient clinic
  • Standalone restrooms
  • Day surgery
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Assisted Living

Can all Tech Works dome lights be used as either part of a stand alone system as well as part of a larger setup?

No. Only the NC-DL-12 dome lights can be used in either a stand alone or larger system. NC-DL-22 dome lights are intended only for larger systems.

Can I use my own existing PC for IMR?

No. The IMR is a PC, and more, that you receive with pre-installed software. You provide a standard mouse, keyboard, and your own monitor.

Can I use both existing wire AND new CAT5/6?

Yes. The way the system was designed, it doesn’t matter if you use either existing copper wiring or new CAT5/6 or any combination of the two.

Why isn’t the system wireless?

Wired systems are more reliable than wireless.

How many control modules can be used in a single system?

You can have from 0 to 16 NC-CM-16 control modules in a single system giving you the capability to serve up to 256 individual rooms.

How is a system with no control module possible?

The magic is in the NC-DL-12 dome light, which in some cases acts as your control module. With field programmable dip switches you can choose to use the dome light as a stand alone or as part of a system. You can also choose between master and slave options as well as turning the tone on or off.

How many stations can I have on a single dome light?

Each of the 2 station outputs on each dome light can support up to 4 individual call stations making it possible to incorporate up to 8 signaling stations per individual dome light.

How many stand-alone dome lights can I power with a single PXX2410 1-Amp power supply?

Four individual, stand alone, dome lights can be powered by each 1-Amp power supply. By using the PS-2437A 4-Amp power supply, you can power up to 16 dome lights.

Nurse / Emergency Call

  • UL-1069/ADA compliant
  • Scalable from 1 to 256 locations
  • No central controller needed
  • Integrate for messaging and reporting
  • Increase staff efficiency
  • Simple to use and support
  • Customizable notifications
  • 36-month limited warranty