Clinical Workflow / Room Status

Drive efficiencies, improve communications, and meet relevant code requirements.

With the shift in the healthcare industry to outpatient clinics, healthcare providers are faced with an ever-increasing number of patients, longer wait times, and increased output required by staff. With a touch of a button, your staff can drive efficiencies, improve communications, and meet relevant code requirements. These demands can be met with simple, easy to use technology solutions focused directly on patients, operations, and budgets of clinics, treatment centers, and other medical office buildings.

Dome Lights

Customizable color-coded lights that are activated with a push of a button to easily identify the functions or staff required.

Room and Annunciator Panels

Simple push button stations that notify your staff where they need to be and when assistance is needed in certain areas of the facility.

Integrated Messaging and Reporting

Optional integrated messaging and reporting that can integrate with current systems and send communications via digital signage, pc’s, phones, pagers, and tablets.

Allow your clinic to customize how you manage your office with:
Doctor Follow

Maximize use of your exam rooms and know where your doctors are while keeping your doctors moving efficiently to the next place they need to be.

Staff Notification

Communicating with your clinical staff is key. This system allows you to notify staff when patients are waiting, their room and location, and what patient is next in queue.

OR Ready

Simplify the management of your operating rooms with customized communications that let the doctors know when the operating room that they are assigned to is ready.

Meet Code Requirements

With an option for an emergency call, your team or patients can call for assistance from each room they are in.

Next Patient

Customizable solutions to communicate where the staff is and where they are needed “next” to ensure maximum efficiency in your operation.

Room Pools

Flexible room grouping for each caregiver or other staff members to make sure they know what room to go to and that all areas within the clinic have coverage with the appropriate personnel.

Patient Arrival

Shorten patient wait times upon their arrival with simple front office to back office communication systems to streamline your process.

Monitor Workflow and Reporting

Integrate with Tech Works IMR and monitor key performance indicators including patient waiting, shift needs, time spent with patient, and more.

Clinical Workflow & Room Status Solutions

  • Dome Lights
  • Room & Annunciator Panels
  • Integrated Messaging & Reporting

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