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Nurse Call System

Be there when your patients need you. No matter where you are​.

Be there when your patients need you. No matter where you are, with a touch of a button or a pull of cord your team will be alerted immediately when there is a need. This simple nurse call system is built to scale from one location such a restroom or be incorporated facility wide to wherever your patients may need to reach your staff. This code compliant system integrates into your current systems allowing your team to better manage their time, create compliance reporting as needed, and focus on the patient and their healthcare experience with you.  

Stand Alone Restroom Call

It’s as simple as one nurse call station to meet UL1069 code compliance, Tech Works Nurse Call scales from 1 to 256 locations.

Staff Assist with Code Blue
Guidelines for Outpatient Medical Clinics are now requiring UL1069 Listed Code Blue Signaling for Day Surgery and Pre-Op/Post-Op Patient Care as well as Chemo Therapy Infusion and Dialysis.
Non-Ligature Nurse Call

Optional messaging and reporting that can integrate with current systems for compliance reporting and send customized communications via digital signage, pc’s, phones, pagers, and tablets.

This simple code compliant nurse call system can:
Allow for simple and scalable solutions

Scalable from the 1 to 256 locations, the Tech Works nurse call system allows your team to place an emergency call in a single restroom or scale to all patient rooms and stations across your facility.

Reach other staff immediately for assistance

The code blue with staff assist that is a part of this nurse call solution allows staff members to send emergency notifications from their location or to ask for help when assisting a patient.

Better manage time and tasks through just one system

Adapt your system to meet the needs of your team whether through simple communications, combining of functions such as room and staff location, or integrating customized reporting to improve the patient experience.

Adjust the technology to the needs of your facility

A simple turn-key nurse call solution that gives you the ability to choose between an inclusive or modular-based system to meet the specific needs of your facility.

Select preferred notification and call methods

No matter where the staff is or their preferred modes of communication, they can be reached in several ways: calls to regular or cell phones, dome lights, computers, SMS texts, and lighted annunciator panels.

Meet compliance and code requirements

Whether in a stand-alone restroom, set of patient rooms, or a multi-office building, the Tech Works nurse call solution is UL-1069 compliant.

Integrate custom messaging and reporting

Incorporate custom messaging and reporting options that allow you to integrate with your Electronic Medical Records, send messages to staff and patients, or create specialized reports to manage your operations and compliance requirements.

Keep staff safe with non-ligature or vandal resistant

Ensuring patient and staff safety, non-ligature or vandal resistant emergency / nurse call stations are available for at risk patients, high secure environments, or mental health units / facilities.

Nurse Call / Emergency Call Solutions

  • Nurse Call System for any room
  • Standalone Restroom Call
  • Staff Assist with Code Blue
  • Non-ligature Nurse Call

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