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TechWorks provides communication technologies for Hospitals, Clinics, Clean Rooms, Mental Health facilities and more.


Interview & Observation Intercom

Flexibility to give your teams options on how they listen or observe in different environments.

There are situations when some of the things whispered can be even more important than those things that are shouted. With the flexibility to give your teams options in how they listen in on conversations or observe different environments, Tech Works intercom takes your audio and listening capabilities to another level. This complete intercom package allows your team to customize how they speak, scan, or listen in on any room they choose.


With the interview and observation intercom system, your teams can:
Communicate across multiple environments

With a touch of the button you can communicate directly to doors, rooms, or across the facility.

Manage pages from one central location

From one location, this programmable intercom lets your team select where all pages in your facility go, including options for console or telephone paging.

Know that your system maximizes communications and sound management

Provide a consistent and intelligible output when you pick up sound on any level from a whisper to a shout. 

Control who is listening

With both private and public listening options, your team can control who is listening inside the rooms you are observing.

Be flexible in how they scan and listen to rooms

Simple programming choices allow you to automatically select listening options including which room, when, and for how long.

Keep costs down with a complete intercom package

This cost-effective and versatile solution is a complete package that allows you to communicate anywhere within your facility.

Record the key information that you need

With a broadcast quality feed, your system is configurable to allow recording of what was heard, or what either or all parties said to be maintained as evidence, or future review.

Microphone / Speaker Interface

Maximize the audio in your room, with distortion free automatic level control ensuring clear audio from a whisper to shout.


Your team can choose from a variety of microphones to determine what makes the most sense in each individual room (Options include shotgun, miniature boundary, hanging cardioid condenser, hidden, operator consoles, table, and much more).

Headsets and Speakers

Choose what listening options you would like for each location. Whether it is headsets for private conversations or your choice of speakers to meet the needs of the any room.

Interview & Observation Benefits

  • Select and control listening options
  • Integrate with other microphones
  • Private listening options
  • Reliable two-way communications
  • Automatic audio level control
  • Programmable zone paging and scanning
  • Flexible and simple to use
  • Communicate across multiple environments
  • User friendly operation
  • 36-month limited warranty