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Cline Systems Chooses Tech Works

R. A. Cline Systems is one of a handful of highly specialized systems integrators working in the growing Healthcare AV sector. With a focus on hospitals, clinics, and other facilities in the Southern California region, company President Robert Cline explains the unique demands of these environments.

“Our clients depend on good communication,” says Cline. “At the same time, they work in environments that don’t necessarily contribute to it, These are noisy, often chaotic environments, with a lot going on, all the time. They are acoustically challenging environments, with lots of glass and hard surfaces. And there’s a lot of machinery and background noise going on, 24 hours a day, every day.”

Cline’s company has designed and installed communications systems in surgical suites, clean rooms, cath labs, and clinics, and while the demands of each facility may vary, Cline points to systems designed by Yorba Linda, CA-based Tech Works as a consistent go-to solution.

“As an integrator, I’m always looking for the best solutions for our clients,” Cline explains. “These are unique environments, and they require unique solutions. Tech Works has focused on the particular demands inherent in healthcare venues, and their products are designed to address those needs.”

From simple yet functional products like Light Call systems to versatile CI-BUSS digital audio solutions, Tech Works designs modular, scalable systems designed to integrate seamlessly into any situation.

“Tech Works has streamlined our job as systems integrators by providing a cohesive solution that does not involve having to implement equipment from a lot of different manufacturers,” Cline observes. “For us, that means not having to battle with multiple protocols and incompatible hardware – it all just works.”

For the end user, says Cline, that same simplicity is also key. “Tech Works systems enable us to provide the customer with a fully transparent environment that’s easy to implement, easy to use, and reliable.”

Cline concludes, “We value our client base, and we’ve always strived to provide them with the best possible solutions. Tech Works has been invaluable in helping us meet that goal.”

Press Release: Cline Systems Chooses Tech Works (PDF)