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Doctors Leave New Surgical Suite Over Liability Concerns

Imagine a brand-new surgical suite of a hospital, millions of dollars spent on the latest surgical equipment and the excitement everyone has utilize this new space. The surgeons come in, start to play with the new equipment and then proceed to walk out because the intercom system will not make the grade in giving them the communications needed in this space. These doctors don’t want to be held liable and they tell the team they will return when there is communication equipment that works.

Tech Works then gets a call from the hospital asking if they can assist. A rush order is put in, the new equipment is sent, the system is installed, works seamlessly, and the doctors go back to work in their new space.

The story is not an isolated situation and many healthcare organizations are challenged by this niche need for communication. Knowing this, Tech Works has worked diligently to find a simple comprehensive solution for this exact scenario and many others. Learn more about the impact of this handsfree communications solution and how it can be used in clean rooms, observation rooms, sleep centers and specialized rooms (operating, procedure, cath lab, x-ray and more) Tech Works® Collaborative Intercom.