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Tech Works CC-Series Provides State-of-the-Art Communications for Healthcare Facilities

Announcing the Launch of Tech Works’ CC-Series Clinic Room Status

Tech Works, a leader in specialized, highly focused communications solutions for the most challenging environments, introduces CC-Series Clinic Room Status, a networked room status system for the high-intensity demands of today’s healthcare facilities. CC-Series enables anyone on the system to instantly see, for example, whether a room is available, where a doctor is currently located, and which room that doctor is expected in next.

Designed to provide the ultimate in reliability and performance, CC-Series is an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use system of color-coded lights and buttons that provide clinic staff with complete information. Steady or flashing colored lights provide expert room-management information in a “silent language” that clinic staff can easily understand. Tech Works’ bright-colored LED Dome Lights signal room status for 180 degrees, from over 50 feet away. A quick glance at an optional Room Status annunciator or master panel shows which rooms are available, which are occupied, where practitioners are busy with patients, and where they will be needed next. Simply push a button on a conveniently located Room Status panel to trigger a status change.

Each station is capable of sending and receiving communications to and from any other station on the network. All stations have the processing power to know when to react to or ignore communications, based on that station’s individual address. Emergency bed or bath stations are available for staff and patients to summon help.

Colors can be programmed to represent different room conditions (e.g., room ready, patient waiting, chart ready, help needed) or different healthcare providers. With features such as Doctor Follow, the system can even track physician arrivals and departures. These are only a few of many programming configurations. An authorized Tech Works systems engineer will work with you to design a custom system to fit your facility’s needs.

CC-Series Clinic Room Status systems are expandable and flexible. Design your current system; when your needs grow, you can easily add such components as wall-mounted emergency help buttons for high-stress environments, handheld emergency call devices for patients undergoing dialysis or other procedures that limit mobility, emergency pull stations for bathrooms, dilation timers for ophthalmic clinics, and silent duress alarm systems for mental health clinics or other high-risk environments.

With the addition of an optional Tech Works’ Digital Interface Module (DIM), CC-Series Clinic Room Status can easily interface with third party products such as pocket pagers, tablets, smartphones, wearables, and other IP systems. Additionally, Tech Works’ optional, Windows-based Integrated Messaging and Reporting (IMR) gives on- and off-site administrators the power to gather data and create reports from any local or remote location with an Internet connection.

Tech Works’ CC-Series Clinic Room Status is engineered and built in the USA. All components are designed to withstand the punishing demands of the busiest healthcare environments. All CC-Series components fit standard electrical fittings, and their low profile and neutral color enable them to fit any décor. Power consumption is very low, and the solid-state lights never need replacing. CC-Series Clinic Room Status systems are priced to fit the smallest environments, yet it is easy to expand when it is time for your facility to grow.

Tech Works systems are vital communications tools in leading hospitals and health care facilities across the United States.

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