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Tech Works CI-Series Brings Hands-Free Clarity to Healthcare Communications

Tech Works, a leader in specialized communications solutions for the most challenging environments, presents the CI-Series Collaborative Intercom, a highly focused networked audio system designed to meet the high-intensity demands of today’s medical professionals.

Tech Works’ CI-Series is a true collaborative communications environment, enabling hands-free two-way communication to and from microphones, headsets, wall panels, or any other interface on the network. A modular, expandable solution that offers a near-endless range of configurations, CI-Series is easy to install, connecting via economical CAT6 wiring, and integrates seamlessly with a wide range of third-party products.

Communication is critical in today’s fast-paced medical environment, and Tech Works’ CI-Series delivers the utmost in crystal clear broadcast quality audio. Packed with a host of digital processing power, CI-Series includes cutting edge features like built-in EQ and Automatic Level Control to provide consistent sound from a whisper to a shout.

Custom designed to meet the needs of doctors and healthcare professionals, CI-Series is Telemedicine compatible — doctor-to-doctor communications can be shared for observation with the click of a switch. The system easily integrates with recording and video systems. And CI-Series is fully HIPAA compliant, using secure DECT technology to encode all wireless communication for maximum security and privacy.

Tech Works systems are vital communications tools in leading hospitals and health care facilities across the United States. All Tech Works products are engineered and built in the USA, and designed to deliver under the punishing demands of the busiest healthcare environments.

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