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TechWorks CI-BUSS is Part of Memorial Regional Hospital’s New Hybrid OR

Hollywood, FL — Founded more than 50 years ago, Memorial Regional Hospital has grown to become South Florida’s premiere health care facility. The hospital is renowned for its state-of-the-art procedure rooms and research facilities, drawing some of the world’s top physicians and surgeons and providing the area with the finest in medical care.

The hospital recently opened the doors to a new Hybrid Operating Room, designed to integrate the latest in advanced medical technologies. As Gary Ward, General Manager of Rauland-Borg Corporation of Florida, explains, the new facility enables doctors and medical staff to increase efficiency and provide even higher quality care.

“When the doctors are performing procedures that involve more high-end technologies, this type of hybrid OR facility is invaluable,” says Ward. “The doctors and surgical nurses can work in a controlled, sterile environment, while the support staff are on the other side of the glass with the equipment they need to monitor vital signs.”

Memorial Regional Hospital OR Desk

Memorial Regional Hospital OR Desk

For the surgeons working inside this sealed Clean Room environment, clear and accurate communication with staff outside is more than a convenience – lives quite literally depend on it. “The doctors need to be able to speak without using their hands to engage a microphone, and they need to be able to hear what’s being communicated by the staff,” says Ward. He adds that the environment inside the OR can add to the challenge. “The abundance of glass and other hard surfaces in the OR creates a highly reflective acoustical space, and that can impact intelligibility and the doctors’ ability to hear clearly.”

Memorial Regional’s new Hybrid OR is outfitted with the new CI-BUSS system, a comprehensive communications solution from Yorba Linda, CA-based Tech Works. The CI-BUSS system is a full-featured, flexible system designed specifically for the most demanding environments, with hands-free operation, automatic level control, and crystal clear, intelligible audio performance.

“There are a lot of different ways to put together a system for this type of environment,” says Gregg Taskowitz, Rauland-Borg Corporations of Florida’s Healthcare Business Development manager, “but the CI-BUSS is the only system specifically designed for this type of use. Tech Works enabled us to easily configure a system without having to cobble together different components from different manufacturers and get them all to play nicely together — it’s a purpose-built, fully modular design that’s ideally suited for this type of use. It’s easy to configure, easy to install, and sounds great.”

Ward reports that the response to the CI-BUSS system has been overwhelmingly positive. “They’ve been so pleased with the system in the Hybrid OR that they called us back in to install it in their Cath Lab as well,” he says.

Ward also give high marks to Tech Works’ support. “Memorial Regional is a very discriminating client, with exceptionally high standards, and that can be challenging. But Tech Works really went above and beyond during the entire process, from pre-sale to post-installation, to make certain the customer was satisfied.”

Press Release: TechWorks CI-BUSS is Part of Memorial Regional Hospital’s New Hybrid OR (PDF)