Westlake Hospital Goes High Tech and Hands Free

Austin, TX — Westlake Medical Center is one of a new generation of health care facilities. A diverse professional complex that is home to a wide range of specialists and treatment options, Westlake is small enough to provide an intimate level of personal care, but modern enough to offer state-of-the-art hospital and research facilities.

The hospital’s catheterization lab recently upgraded its communication technology, implementing an innovative new system called CI-BUSS from Yorba Linda, CA-based Tech Works. As Greg Obrzut of Beckwith Electronic Systems explains, the system empowers doctors with a new level of communication within the clean room environment.

“The Tech Works system we installed in the Cath Lab gave us two important solutions in a single system,” says Obrzut. “The procedure room is equipped with the Tech Works System 21 speaker and a Pro-42 high-intelligibility microphone, which gives them crisp, clear audio into and out of the room. The operator’s console in the control room also exceeded our expectations, both for performance and ease of use.”

But the CI-BUSS system solved an even trickier problem, Obrzut explains. “We were able to integrate three wireless headsets using the CI-BUSS network. Each headset can monitor the physician’s communication and provide rapid responses. Even when the physician is elsewhere in the facility, they can communicate directly with the team in the procedure room. For a busy medical team, this type of accessibility is invaluable — now they can carry out other duties and see patients, without having to run to another room to answer procedural questions.”

Indeed, communication is a critical component in today’s fast moving health care environment. As Obrzut observes, Tech Works offers the only communications systems dedicated to, and designed specifically for the health care professional. “the Tech Works system is nothing short of the best audio communications network for this type of application I have used in my 30 years in the business.”

Press Release: Westlake Hospital Goes High Tech and Hands Free with Tech Works CI-BUSS (PDF)